Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday I'm in Love

Any reason to celebrate is a good reason to me, but this week there were a couple of particularly special reasons to get excited.

Tuesday was the big guy's birthday. I started the day off by slipping a card into his lunch bag along with his favorite, elusive treat: a Snickers Dark. After work, we got gussied up (as gussied-up as one gets to go to Red Robin) and headed out for a dinner of stacked onion rings, fries, burgers, and a sweet sundae complete with birthday-song prelude. It was such a good dinner, in fact, that I am proclaiming it two-balloon good. Yeah, I just coined that term. Since you're dying to know it's origin, Z left Red Robin with two balloons in tow, and how can dinner be bad if you leave with two balloons?

When we got home I prepped a little scene on the kitchen table, thanks to Nan and Bloom Bakeshop, because a birthday isn't a birthday without some flame that needs to be blown out.

Tuesday: The End.

On Wednesday I had my second doctor's appointment, the first one being the one where we had our pregnancy confirmed and saw our baby for the first time! On Wednesday I heard the baby's heartbeat; a steady whooshing in an environment of fluid. It was amazing! But when I think back to what I said while laying on the table in the doctor's office, I think I literally said, "That's so awesome" or "That's so cool" or something equally dorky. Did I cry? No. Did I see my child in my mind's eye, running or riding a bike or swimming? No. Did I saw the word "cool" or "awesome" like a kid describing his first kiss to describe the first time I heard my baby's life pulsing inside me? You betcha.

I didn't have anything to bring home after yesterday's appointment, but here are some fuzzy photos of our first ultrasound pictures:

Wednesday: I'm in love with you.

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