Thursday, March 31, 2011

Music and My Cookie Pants

You've seen this stereotypical pregnancy scene before: a taught, round belly sandwiched between the cushy earpieces of a set of headphones. You can guess that baby's probably not listening to Primus or Guns N' Roses. No, his mind is being blown by Mozart or Bach or Brahms. Sounds pretty new-agey, but it's a picture that I can't get out of my mind.

The other day, I read a quick article about playing music for your baby. It didn't say that playing classical music has been proven to really do anything for the baby (keep in mind I don't research these things. I have promised myself not to really research anything baby-related online thanks to the suggestion of a good friend), but it did say that playing music too loud, and rock music as opposed to classical, could be disturbing to your baby. Now, my real concern is that if rock or loud music is disturbing to the baby, does my singing have the same effect? Because when we're alone together notes are getting belted out, and they're often loud and more than likely erratic and out of tune. Until Blue Jr. kicks me to tell me to knock it off, I'm going to assume that whatever I'm singing - no matter how out of tune or horrendous - sounds like a sweet, sweet lullaby to him/her.

Today I hit a tipping point with my clothes. Meaning, girl needs to invest in some maternity wear. I started the day semi-uncomfortable in a dress, tights that are getting just a leeeetle too tight, and a slip that couldn't decide if it wanted to roll up under my boobs or slide too low below my belly so it could catch the light of day. When I got home I knew I wanted to put on something low maintenance. But since it's too chilly for just a skirt or leggings, and now that none of my jeans will fit without the uncomfortable assistance of a rubber band, so it happened: I was in my cookie pants and cruising comfort town before the 5:30 bell rang.

So what if the neighbors (and everyone walking their dog on this sunny day) saw me outside in these throwing the frisbee for the dog on our back step before 6 o'clock? Let them see! Because there will probably be more of this to come. Oh, the neighborhood has no idea how lucky they are.

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Kristin G said...

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