Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring don't fail me now

Like most everyone at this time of year, I'm celebrating the ambivalent entrance of spring. It was in the 60s last week, dreary and cold over the weekend, and reaching towards the high 50s today. It's enough to make you feel manic. But I enjoy it when I can, like when the sun sets after 7:00pm and is so bright that it looks like headlights shining in the window.

Spring and fall always bring up certain emotions and urges in me. The inclination to clean house is a universal one, but there is only so much gratification to be garnered from organized drawers and a much-needed donation to Goodwill. At this time of year I find myself wanting to throw off the layers of tension, unhappiness, and general furrowed-browedness that I didn't realize winter had cloaked me in.

When that first sunny day of spring hit and everyone had a little extra bounce in their step, I wondered if my state of happiness on that day belied the state of dissatisfaction I had been living in for the past few months. Have I been depressed all winter? Geesh. Time to snap out of it and start lusting after the latest seasonal fashions. Most notably, this little number from Ann Taylor:

I want! That's why I don't go to the mall. I prefer obsessively looking at things I want online instead of picking them up, walking through the store with them, putting them down, picking them up, putting them down, and picking them up again for at least 30 minutes before leaving the store empty-handed. The internet allows you to be so bizarre and no one has to witness it. Unless you want to post it on some random blog...

Spring doesn't only mean new clothes, it also means home projects, a new territory for me and Z. On the docket:
  • Painting the kitchen, hallway, office, and bedroom
  • Buying/making kitchen curtains
  • Cleaning up/organizing the garage
  • Putting in a new door in the basement
  • Putting in a new front door
  • Getting rid of 1 of our 2 sliding glass doors (weird, I know) and putting in a window
But more fun-ly, I'm going to plant a garden! Strawberries, herbs, tomatoes, zucchini, I want it all as long as I can keep the dog from lifting his leg on it. I think the latter part will be the hardest thing to manage.

Until I can grow my own veggies, I enjoy going to Lao Laan-Xang and eating theirs. Number 26, more specifically. I'm seriously salivating just reading the menu. You'd think my well-rounded dinner of Pork-flavored Ramen, cottage cheese, canned beets, and chocolate chip cookies would keep that from happening. Weird.

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