Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moving On Up

This is my life right now:

Packed in boxes stacked in the garage, it really doesn't feel like we have all that much stuff. We've only lived in this house for 1 year, not long enough to accumulate stacks of useless or useful things other than those things that we have an immediate use for. Although we're being relatively conservative about what we pack right now (2 weeks away from needing to be moved out), for all of the boxes in the garage it doesn't feel like there's that much left to pack and not much of a difference between what used to adorn the walls and bookshelves and what's left there now. I'm kind of proud of that. I'm attracted to pretty and new things, whether I have use for them or not, but packing has shown me that I've kept those attractions in check.

So now that I've tooted my own horn about how little we have to pack and how I'm such a self-controlled spender, I can delve into the possessions that are new as of this weekend. Zach was in desperate need of new work/day-to-day shoes, so we hit up the shoe store yesterday just to have a looksee. He came away with some very practical guy shoes, and I cozied up to these very impractical Steve Maddens:

I was going to go for a more work-friendly pair of round toed black kitten heels, but since I was going to get such a great deal on these heels I just went for it. Crazy girl! It feels like a bit of a foolish decision now, but I'm determined to get my money's worth out of these babies without teetering from the height.

Prized possession #2 from this weekend:

A new printer to use with the laptop! We stood in the printer aisle at Office Depot for at least 20 minutes, walking between two different models before settling on this one. I've already printed off a recipe with it, and in less than an hour the house is going to smell like delicious Ginger Cookies. For anyone who's bought a bottle of molasses to use for a recipe other than cookies, I can tell that the bottle we have is going to be around for a long time. I hope everyone likes gingerbread or molasses cookies for the holidays. Why do they sell some ingredients in such huge bottles when you only use 1/4 cup at a time?

Time to prep the oven for the cookies. I love late summer Sundays. The guys are practicing downstairs, Blue is chasing down flies all over the house, and I get the entire upstairs to myself. I'm happy as long as the calendar says it's still Sunday.

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